News 2016-06-23

Not in any ordinary sense of the phrase. This adventure is a much about 1 man’s journey to his Jubilee year as it is about helping to support the lives of those people the event is in honor of.


This story is about a charity bike ride in aid of Cancer. All the funds raised will support one of Europes growing Children’s Cancer charities - LT Association of Children's Cancer. The association supports some of the best Cancer facilities in Europe that deal with the rarest and most life threatening conditions. Beyond the high level support, the association supports the families directly affected by the disease, when urgent and immediate interventions are required. The association can step in providing the funds needed to source and buy vital medicines for the family and facilities, to finance tests, reimburse travel costs, nursing measures and additional treatments. Inadequate or untimely treatment can have devastating effects on children and may restrict the speed of cure, chances of remission and even cause unnecessary pain or the loss of lives.


So inspired by the Charities’ Mission and the children that have to endure this debilitating disease, Egidijus Staškevicius, decided to undertake this 2200KM, 28 Day, 6 country cycle marathon having recently celebrated his 60th Birthday back in March of this year.


Egidijus speaks about how the idea was born ‘last summer when on holiday in Lithuania, when he decided to visit his brother by cycle, who was staying over 40km away’. “So without fatigue and feeling strong and healthy I was excited at the idea of testing myself further”. To support the charity and the children that have often been denied the strength and opportunity to undertake the most basic of physical activities was the only inspiration that he needed to convince himself to organize the trip.


With the support by his beloved family, Egidijus has spent months preparing and training to embark on this Ride of a Lifetime, commuting every day to work, constantly on the exercise bike at his London home and spending many a weekend cycling down to the south coast, sleeping in forests and conditioning his mind & body for the journey that lay ahead.


Egidijus’s dedication and motivation is an inspiring tale for all of us, about the boundless love, kindness and sacrifice of those people that are willing to TAKE ACTION in support of those children who are most in need. At sixty years old embarks on a selfless physical act, that he hopes will have an even more positive physical impact on those children it is in aid of.


We at the build LONDON Group commend his efforts, and everyone else committed to making a difference to those in need. We are also committed to helping those that need it most, large and small. As Egidijus says himself ‘Little things make Big things happen’.


Build London and the other sponsors invite all of you to join us in SUPPORT of this ride. Click the link and donate your time, money and goodwill anyway you can in support of this good cause, together we can make a difference.


The ride starts on 14th May 2016 and we will be following the progress of the ride throughout the following 28 days……


We know he will make it, that in doing so he will have directly improved the lives of those in need, we just hope that his journey will also INSPIRE many more to join him in your very own charity challenge…. JOIN IN



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