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Single Storey Rear Extension

An extension is a necessity to any house that lacks space. Even building a simple single storey extension can benefit you in many ways, for instance, it extends living space, transforms it to suit your needs and gives an opportunity to increase natural light in your home.
Rear extensions extend the living space from the back of the house and can either have pitched roof or flat roof. According to roof type, the roof lights can be chosen. This extension type is the most popular when extending a kitchen and dining room space or creating completely new areas. Usually, rear extensions have full width door to access the garden. One of the most popular door choice is Bi-fold doors. They give a comfortable access to the patio or garden and floods the room with light.


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Single Storey Side Extension

A side extension is usually chosen to utilize the internal space of the property. It extends beyond the original home, most likely into a rear garden. Such type of extensions usually require additional work in order to create bigger structural openings to blend old and new structures together. The design choice for a side extension is up to your imagination. You can knock a few walls and build a contemporary structure, where you create an open plan kitchen of your dreams, for example, or, contrary, just maintain you’re an existing built, such as an old terrace and not go over with extravagant design choices.

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Single Storey Wrap Around Extension

A wrap around or side return extension is essentially a rear and side extensions combined. It can be formed into a single or multi-storey structure, but most commonly they are single storey. They are popular in London, especially because they utilize the alley space created in many Victorian properties and thus create a very large kitchen/dining and living space without encroaching as much on the garden space. The additional roof space encourages the use of more windows, which, compared to other extensions generates more natural light into the finished space.

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Two Storey Rear Extension

Rear extensions come in two main forms: single and multi-storey. The difference between the two is a number of created floors. A rear extension extends beyond the original home, most commonly into a rear garden and forms a part of an existing house.  This type of extensions are typical when a side extension or side return is not possible and the extension has to be created following either garden or any available space in the back of the property. The design options to use the added space are endless. On the top floor you can create an additional bedroom, add a bathroom to an already existing bedroom, or do a bigger project, which includes a new bedroom with an en suite. It all depends on how many spare square metres you’ve got and what your aim is. Downstairs, as per usual, a very common choice is to utilize space creating an open-plan kitchen with a dining and entertainment area, which leads to the garden through the Bi-fold doors. The added space also immensely increases the value of the property and makes it more profitable, if you decide to sell it in the future.

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Two Storey Side Extension

In London, Victorian houses often have an L-shaped form, which looks like an added space. In an adjoined terrace configuration it creates a natural rectangular alley space between these homes. This unused external space allows a side extension to be created. Much like a rear extension, a side extension can be either single or multi-storey. It gives a wide range of options of how to use the space. You can extend an existing kitchen by making it open-plan, add a dining room and make it the most popular entertaining area in the house. The opportunities for the second floor can include bedrooms, bathrooms, a new staircase and extra natural light by installing Velux windows, for instance.

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  • Two Storey Rear Extension
  • Two Storey Side Extension

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