Quill lane was a mid-terraced loft conversion in a conservation area. The design team had to ensure compliance with the restrictions from the local authority to gain the necessary approval for this design.

One particular condition for the area is the restrictions placed on forward facing windows. In response, we fitted conservation specific Velux windows that were supplied and fitted with the bar to comply with the regulations.


The design specified the creation of one bedroom and bathroom along with French doors and a Juliet balcony. As with many single mansards the space invites the creation of storage space around the new structure.


The front eaves have storage built-in wall to wall with hidden storage behind for those once a year Christmas decorations. We added fitted wardrobes and handmade shelves into the retained chimney to complete the works. Using the space in this way means that additional furniture is often not required and floor space is therefore saved to make a larger room.